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Skim Milk + Protein = Whole Milk?


Just wondering, what is the nutritional difference between skim milk w/ protein powder and whole milk by itself?

I saw the protein amount in whole milk and was thinking it was rather impressive...and then thought when you add whey to skim, are you basically just putting in what you had taken out?



Whole milk is milk with 3% fat.


True dat.


the difference between whole milk and skim is the fat content, not the protein.


I thought it was closer to 4%, but whatever. Whole milk also has some other non milkfat solids in it that skim doesn't.

I think Vince Gironda said not to consume protein without it's native fat component and I agree. I personally rotate between 1% sweet acidophilus and whole milk.


Skim Milk + Protein != Whole Milk
Skim Milk + Cream ~= Whole Milk

/end thread.


Vince Gironda also said doing sit ups will take an inch off your biceps by overstimulating the solar plexus, what's your point?

OP: look at the protein content of whole milk, then look at the protein content of skim milk. See a difference? I sure don't.


for some reason i don't think that someone who doesn't know the difference between skim milk and whole milk will know the difference between "!=" and "~=".

although i truly enjoyed your post.

  1. Skim milk + protein = whole milk + protein - fat

  2. skim milk + protein + fat = whole milk + protein

and finally

  1. skim milk + protein = whole milk = OP is retarded

I love milk and math


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skim milk and protein = 30+ grams of protein and about 300 calories
whole milk by itself = about 8 grams of protein and 160 calories

You should mix whole milk and protein in my opinion.