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I’m reading a lot about cutting out dairy products to cut up. Does the apply to skim milk also? What does everyone mix their powders with? As far a post workout nutrition, I’ve been taking 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup water, a MRP(40 or so grams) + another 20 grams of Whey and blend it with a banana. Any critiques on my post wo drink? What other carbs would work to raise insulin levels?

Say man, you need to read quite a bit more to inform yourself, therefore you will feel a lot more comfortable with the things you take. I highly recommend you read articles on post-workout by John Berardi “Solving the post-workout puzzle.”

As for your current shake, there is way too much protein being used, at the most only use 30g, the banana is ok with skim milk but there are better choices such as 100% grape juice. Or just simply buy yourself some glucose polymers or maltodextrin powder, it’s really cheap. MRP’s are usually a whey concentrate, try and find an ion exchange whey, or whey isolated at 98%! Well hope all this helped.

Do a search for “Precision Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond” and “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle.” Surge is a great post-training option.

Buy a quality, good tasting powder and you won’t have to mix it with milk. Grow is a fave around here. Great with water. Postworkout- drink Surge or at least try to simulate the same macros.

It’s just that 50% of the carbs in milk are not optimal post-workout (lactose is made of galcatose {liver food} and glucose {muscle food}).

I find my shakes taste WAY better with milk in them, but what I do is make my shakes with 50% skim and 50% water. The milk really helps make it taste better.

In theory, you don’t need too much whey in your shake. But don’t be afraid to include other protein sources (casein, etc) at higher levels. I currently try to ensure that I get at least 50g of protein post-workout, and it really helps with recovery.