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Skim Milk and Glycogen


I usually use 10-12 oz of skim milk with my whey. I'm contemplating limiting my solid food intake to 1 solid meal a week for one month, besides my 2 medium bananas pre-workout for an extra kick of carbs. I take a whole food multi, fish oil almost daily, pre and intra workout supps. My question is, is skim milk good for restoring liver/skeletal muscle glycogen stores post workout? I appreciate your opinions and thoughts.


Milk sugar is half glucose and half galactose. I've read that galactose is preferentially used to fill liver (not muscle) glycogen.

So... it will work but not the best. Serious glycogen refilling is usually done with dextrose or starches.

More significant, why are you considering going on a liquid only diet?


Goodbye metabolism.


i've gained a good deal of body fat over the past 2 years. I'm trying this as an experiment to expedite fat loss. I'm doing weights almost every day as well as 20 min of HIIT at least 4 x a week.


Nothing bad could possibly come of this.


Have you taken a look at the V-Diet? Initially, it's pretty much the same thing from what I have read.


I would say if yo are going to do the v-diet, do the v-diet. Just because you are drinking a lot of shakes and not eating doesn't mean it is the same.

Also, dairy is a poor carb source.


like i said, it's an experiment. idk if i can handle even a week of it. i'm in day 2 so far and i feel a bit sluggish after 20 min of hiit this morning and smr. had a preworkout supp and some intra bcaas. having a solid dinner. we shall see.