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Skills Training for Basketball

So, for training right now, I’m doing this program called the vertical project. It’s schedule calls for training 6 days a week and it’s a little draining. I enjoy the workout, but it leaves little room for working on my skill work for basketball.

I’ll be done with the program in mid-december, then I’ll be going back to a 4 day a week program.

My question is, how much skills training could I get away with without interfering with my strength/speed/jump training gains? I will be working out tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday.

I was probably going to do skills training after my workouts, but if not, then I could do it on my off days. I wouldn’t be doing conditioning drills, but I’d be doing shooting and dribbling drills, which could be considered conditioning because of doing them at game speeds.

So, how could I set up my program to where I could get my gains while still gaining my skills?

when does your season start?

It really depends on your current conditioning and how much conditioning your coach will require.

Someone who’s super conditioned such as d1 college basketball players do up to 8 hours a day 5 days a week if not 6 on NBA pre-camp so anything is possible. I’m not recommending this for you just saying with so little information theres no way to tell what youready for.

The best thing to do is always stay better condition then you were 3 months ago, and ease up sometimes to allow your body to recover then build volume back up.

No real season. I’m just a rec league player. 1 game a week(sundays) plus playing with friends on thursdays. However, I’d like to get a lot of repetitions in when I practice. So I’d like to put in some time on the court just working on my skills.

I’m no where close to a genetic freak with amazing recovery abilities, so I’d like to figure out how much I could get away with. Both improving my athletic abilities as well as skills are very important to me.

Man, we talkin’ 'bout practice! PRACTICE man!

Seriously though, if you’re going to do any skill practice, do it before you weight train. You could pick up some bad habits if you try to do it after GPP. Just keep the skill practice brief- even make it part of an extended warmup for your other training.

As your games get closer, add in more time for skill practice and shorten the other workouts.