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Skiing - La Nina in the PNW


So who here is getting ready for the ski season? Forecasters are pretty confident in calling a La Nina winter- read here - http://www.mtbaker.us/snow-report/la-nina-2010-11 and here - http://www.bclocalnews.com/kootenay_rockies/ferniefreepress/news/104040364.html . In the past this has meant an extra 100" and colder temperatures for Baker!

I myself will be taking the spring semester off (jan- april) and hopefully getting in around 80 days at Mt Baker. This will be my first full season at Baker, last year I was in Fernie.

Some stoke - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1E93T2dOJQ&feature=player_embedded


Any other ski bums ?


I'm learning how to cross-country ski, it's very tough, great workout.


I actually live on the east coast so this doesn't help me to much. The Farmers Almanac was calling for a pretty snowy winter here to though. I will be heading out west for winter break though, haven't finalized where yet. I'm a skier, and plan to learn how to tele this winter since skiing on the east coast is just getting to boring.

One of my favorite daydream videos. Definitely have to get out to Japan at some point as well.


Been alpine skiing since I was 2 (grew up in the White Mountains). This year I'll finally be learning how to tele. I'm like a kid in Christmas waiting for the first snow!
The skiing is pretty lame in MN but I'll be driving to either MT or UT for a portion of winter break. Can't wait!


Whats with learning how to tele? It's like learning a primitive, less efficient form of skiing. I will grant it to you that tele skiers now days can rip pretty hard but still... I guess I have just never really understood the appeal. If I was getting bored I would start learning my avy stuff and getting an AT setup. Any good touring in Minnesota or New York?


Hachi - Great video.

It sorta demonstrates why I like alpine over tele, the tele turns just don't have the same type of fluidity and "surfy" style to them, I think this is mostly to do with putting so much weight on one ski... On modern early tapered/rockered skis when on an alpine setup you can ski with crazy styles doing huge "power slides", slashing turns etc that I just don't see the tele guys doing.


Don't get it wrong I love skiing, but it's so boring in New York. I figure tele is like skiing but harder, or at least I can blast my quads while doing it haha. Skiing has lost it's appeal on the east coast it's just to easy. If I was out west I'd definitely stick to skiing and get into AT instead.
Also agree tele doesn't look as smooth in powder, but I think it looks better/more fun on hard packed. May feel better to drop a knee in powder as well, you can turn 2ft of powder into what would fell like 3ft :wink:


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  1. My dad was an avid tele skier his whole life, after he died I decided I want to take up tele skiing in his memory.
  2. It's more challenging than alpine.
  3. It's more versatile than alpine (no skating necessary, can skin without needing AT bindings).

From what I can tell MN is pretty much useless as far as anything involving skis goes(except slalom racing-huge exception there).
A lot of people skin up Mt. Washington and ski down, but I don't know much else about the touring scene back east.