Skiing and Snowboarding

Where are the best places in North America?

In all of North America? Seems fairly general, ha. Do you have a region a bit more slimmed down? I’ve got a fair amount of knowledge about my region, but not the entire continent haha

Probably some snowy mountain ranges or chains…

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Heard the Rockies are great for it…you know some uphill, some downhill, some snow.


Everything a snow sport enthusiast would want

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Specifically looking for steep and deep. I’d prefer places that have featured terrain and fun off piste areas as opposed to flatter more groomer oriented mtns (eg Breck, bach, park city, etc).

But overall, what is the best ski mtn on NA in people’s opinions?

Way out of my league on that one, ha. Sorry!

Hard to say what is best for someone else once you get so in to it and develop your own specific preferences. I haven’t traveled enough to recommend anything other than to say bring a big bag of weed and hook up with the locals over a nice fatty. They’ll show you where the good stuff is.

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I spent most of my childhood in NY, so I frequented the places a few hours drive upstate (Windham, Hunter, etc). A few years ago though, I finally made it to Breckinridge, CO, and it was sooo different than what I had grown accustomed to on the East Coast.


If you have money, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hands down.

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I can second this, Jackson has some awesome skiing.

Colorado has the best slopes hands down. Expensive, but well worth it!

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Jackson is for sure a rad mountain. If you hunt around there are vouchers out there, and the hostel is a cheap place to stay. Ive spent a fair amount of time skiing in that area, but haven’t spent much time on that side of the pass. Id love to get to know the mtn better

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What are your favorite hills there? Southern colorado has the goods for sure (CB, telluride, Siverton, etc), but from everything ive seen summit county resorts are generally pretty flat and super crowded. Also, colorado doesnt get as much snow as most of the other areas in the western US and Canuckistan.

Unless you are skiing in July… In which case, for NA: Mt Hood is Da Boss.

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Colorado has ben really dry lately.

A couple of my buddies and I have went a couple times and rented a helicopter to drop us off on peaks and that was hands down some of the best times of my life.

Come to think of it, yesterday was alright on Mt Hood too :slight_smile:

You can hear me make a mess of my hardshell right at the end…

The end sounded pornographic. I played it on my computer at work and my coworker looked at me like I’m watching a cam vid.

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@dchris So. Awesome.

I’ll tag it NSFW :slight_smile:

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