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Skiing an Training


I have never skied before, but I would like to start this winter. The problem is, I dont want it to mess with the recovery time of my leg workouts. I have 2 leg days a week, squats on wednesday and deadlifts on saturday. What day would be ideal to ski? I can ski on any day of the week, and would be on the mountain for 3 hours at the most. I have about two solid years of training. Ive never skied before so Im assuming it will make me very sore at first. I will not ski at all if you guys believe it will ruin my recovery too much. If any of you have any experience with this, please give me your two cents.


Here's my advice from my own experiences.

I don't really get sore after being out on the mountain. I get a pretty good 'burn' going while I'm out there and I thought I'd be sore the next day but I wasn't. If I was you I'd be a little more worried about being sore from falling rather than just the skiing.

Plus... If you aren't a competitive bodybuilder (and even if you are) it's not gonna kill you to be sore from having fun skiing and not getting your full potential out of a workout. It's going to be ok man


How can anyone answer that without knowing your goals?


Well in your face bonez cause I already answered! Plus, look at his avatar! He's already huge... He can miss one legs workout this year


I agree with Gregron. I've never been sore the next day. Only time I had any lasting ramifications was when I fell tailbone first onto some ice....bad couple weeks.


honestly even if you're sore for your workouts i dont see it as being a big problem. people tend to freak out about little stuff, but while the first week or two your lifts might go down, IMO if you just kinda suck it up for those two weeks your body will adapt to the extra stress. I wouldnt worry about it

also i'm going into my 16th season of skiing and i've competed in racing, moguls, and slopestyle and rail jams. The only thing that ever left me sore was long days of moguls. As long as you stay hydrated (drink some water with lunch and stuff) you wont have any problems.

skiing is probably the one thing that i most enjoy. theres nothing like the freedom and relaxation that comes with just skiing all your worries away. its great to hear you're getting into it, deffinately spend a little money and get some lessons, it will take about half of your day each time you go out and will pay for itself 10x over in the long haul when you're shreddin' it for the rest of your life as opposed to flailing down the hill without good knowledge base!


I'm not sure what these guys are taking about but i'm fairly certain that you will be pretty sore the next day or two, it depends though on how long you're out for, how hard you push it, etc.

If you want to minimize the impact I would say go on Sunday.

I have skied 80-100 days/season for the past 3 winters and i'm 21. I still get really sore after the first few days, I'll even get sore on day 50 if I push it hard/stay out long.


I advise you to have a few drinks while skiing as it'll help with the falling down. I learned how to fall when I was young, in tumbling class, and learned how to relax, and have yet to get hurt or be sore while snow boarding. And, the alcohol, helps with the looseness.


So...what you're saying is that Canadians are in fact pussies. And have shitty beer.


Should be great for circulation and vascularity. I used to get some of those big fire hose looking veins popping out on the quads and calves from a good day on the slopes.


This will be my 29th ski season. Been a competition mogul skier in high school, and then went on to be a freestyle team coach.

You will be very sore all over after your first few days. this will be from falls, and use of different muscles. Either take a lesson or go with friends who are very good.

No matter how much you have skied if you ski hard you will be sore the next day.

You do not want to ski on tired legs (from lifting. So plan your skiing the day or two before your leg workouts. This will minimize the chance of injury on the mountain.


^ i would deffinately agree with the last part of it that you wouldnt want to be sore on the mountain from your leg workouts

but i dont think it matters the other way. i still dont think that ammount of soreness (even for a new skier) would be so much that it would really effect leg workouts/recovery for an extended period of time (more than 3 weeks). bruises from falling might hurt, but nothing that some ice and a little bit of grit wouldnt fix for a trainee who has only been lifting for 2 years


If you're new to skiing you're going to have to work harder than someone who already has some skill. The more I ski, the easier I can make it. When you first start no turn comes easy. I'd have to agree with the guy that said do it before leg day, you'll learn much better on fresh legs and you can always pull the plug on the skiing when you feel it might be getting to the point of interfering with your leg day.