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Ski Training

Does anyone have a good conditioning workout for skiing? I am going to be hitting some mountain locations really hard this year. Ill be faced with altitude, continued beating of my legs, loading up my cardiovascular system way beyond my aerobic threshold. I guess my other issue is I am facing a potential shoulder injury right now that has been plaguing me for about 6 months. I have full ROM, but I feel it would be premature to lift on it.

That being said, do i just do squats and DL’s til I die everyday? Anyone with a good conditioning plan that really loads up your lungs, and taxes your legs, let me know! I would be in for circuits, lifting til failure, heavy days, HIIT, etc.


I had the most success with front squats and regular stair step cardio. When I was skiing once a week I could still get in one to two short leg workouts and three cardio days in the same week.