Skeleton Program for Home Gym

Coach what do you think of this skeleton set up if lifting at home with goal of strength and size?
I will be using double progression for the 2 lifts.

Isolation will be used if needed on muscles involved with that lift for the day.

Monday- Push Press 5x3-5
Behind neck press 3x6-8

Tuesday- Squat 5x3-5
Front squat 3x6-8

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Bench press 5x3-5
Close grip bench 3x6-8

Friday- Off

Saturday- Deadlift 5x3-5
Chin ups. 3x6-8

My goal is to get brutally strong at these movements and use some isolation at the end of those movements with 3x to failure or rest pause to add more hypertrophy to lagging muscle parts.

Thank you for your time!

For that kind of training split that’s fine. I personally prefer to use a whole body 3x a week + bodybuilding once a week.

The only things I could say are:

  1. Back and front squat is redundant IMHO, I would prefer to see a posterior chain exercise in there

  2. There is no horizontal pull

I think I can handle adding a horizontal pull to the deadlift day after chin ups with no problem.
And I can do an RDL or something similar in place of the front squat.

Thank you for the reply.