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Skelaxin for Lumbar Back Pain?


Has anyone here ever used Skelaxin? it's a muscle relaxant...i just bent over to puck up a screw driver and my back feels like it did 6 months ago again...looks like i am going to have to stop training again...


This doesnt answer your question but I pulled my sciatic nerve a year ago and the doctor prescribed me orphenadrine and celecoxib... I guess those arent OTC in the US but if you can get a hand on those, they really work

By the way orphenadrine is similar to metaxalone (the compound on skelaxin).... They are effective reducing pain and increasing mobility, the only side effects ive noticed is drowsiness and some muscle weakness. But i guess is part of the process.


Skelaxin itself is ok, but didn't do all that much...but 2 of those, 2 beers, and a bowl, and my back wasn't an issue.

Honestly, when I had my back issues, 4 aleve, 4 times a day was the best I could come up with since I didn't have any oxys. Not exactly friendly on the liver, but when you're back feels that way, that's not the first concern.


[quote]mrcold wrote:
Skelaxin itself is ok, but didn't do all that much...but 2 of those, 2 beers, and a bowl, and my back wasn't an issue.

Hahahah, yeah man


lol... funny, I just fucked up my back doing deadlifts (been doing them for years and made a stupid mistake)... anyways doctor gave me skelaxin & vidodin... I don't really like the feeling it gives me, just makes me tired and out of it...


That many NSAIDs will kill you. I'm not joking either. Tons of people keel over from that shit ever year.

As far as Skelaxin goes, my girlfriend takes it for her back pain and she says it helps, not a lot but she can definitely notice when she forgets to take it.


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Thats exactly what i did. i was on percocet for a little bit but i stopped taking them cause they made me really angry at everything. so i just waited hoping it would go away eventually while i see a chiropractor once or twice a week depending on how i was feeling. now i'm on the skelaxin and it does help but it does not eliminate the pain.


[quote]Look up 'fatigue failure tolerance'. This is why your back failed under such a light load. Stuart McGills book does an excellent job of explaining it as well as providing strategies to eliminate it.

BBB[& quote]

i'll give it a shot! thank you and everyone else for your advice and input