Skeiko Question

I’ve been reading the results on sheiko and for the most part they seem pretty good. However I hear alot of people complaining about the bench gains and having to raise their actual maxes because the percentages were too low. I was wondering if I should do the same or would I be better off neglecting the bench routine and stick to a 5x5 routine. Let me know, thanks.

You can either run a few cycles as it’s written and see how it works for you, or try increasing the percentages by 5%.

Run as is but pause every single press. For me it was likely too high of volume for me to get much out of it. You’ll only know if you run the program as is. If you go through the first volume block and it is very easy you can increase poundage by 5-10 pounds and still pause every rep. Sheiko certainly had some extraordinary benchers on his teams so I imagine his bench programming must work well for a good number of lifters.

I was always one of the people who complained about the bench work not doing the job, I was great with 85-90% weights, really smooth and fast, but I just died once I went above 90%. I think it’s two fold - the lack of back work I was doing, and training percentages that are too low. I’d add 5%.

Add 5%.

I’m a very poor bencher but I’ve had consistent gains using my actual max. I don’t test my max very often, so I’m probably actually using about 95-97% for about half those cycles. The proof is in the pudding for each individual. Run a cycle either way, test and see.