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Skechers Shape Ups for Cardio?


In the article The Best Damn Cardio Article â?? Period, Nate Miyaki mentions walking for 30 minutes 5 times a week aside from doing my anerobic work. Does anyone know anything about the specialty shoes "Skechers Shape Ups?" Will they help me out?


Not unless you're a very de-conditioned 50 year old woman.


Thanks bro. I'll stay away from them.


I'll stay away from them.


Ha, no worries man. They're just a gimmick. They might do a tiny tiny bit, but i'd say if you're doing real anaerobic work plus cardio, you're way past anything they can do for you.


Or Joe Montana


My mom's 60-something and she loves 'em. She even has a pair that look like black dress shoes but SIKE, just kiddin', they're sketcher shape ups.


Same thing.



You can also try wearing a sweat suit and one of those electric ab belts... and carry around a 200 pound woman on your back. That'd get that heart rate going.





They can actually harm you! So stay away :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link sfajohn and thanks for the advice BekahDarling.


No but a weighted vest would help


Good find.


I actually work at sketchers, and i wear them and they do work, but its a supplement not a solution. a lot of you guys like me pop pills to boost our workout effects, and we all know results are only visible when you actually make an effort in your actual routine. But just putting on a pair of shoes and expecting a miracle or for rockets to pop out the bottom is ridiculous. if you are looking to burn a few extra calories, buy some thermogenics or some shape-ups, but actually diet or have a real workout routine or you get nothing from either one.