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Skechers Shape-up Shoes FTW!


Yes, they went there.

I googled retard shoes so i could make a joke…guess which shoes came up.

Once again using underpants gnome logic

  1. Buy ghey ass shoes
  2. Toned buff legs

UG logic works for so many things, they’re truly inspirational.

LOL @ comments:

-These shoes are great! I don’t feel tired after hours of walking at work. My feet don’t hurt, they’re very comfortable and they’re stylish too. And I’ve lost a little bit of weight just by wearing them!

-There’s a lot of excitement for these Shape-Ups. I’ve purchased two pairs myself and tell everyone interested in a fitness shoe about them and all the numerous benefits to ones health and fitness with wearing these shoes.

-I can feel myself getting more toned


[quote]hardgnr wrote:
-I can feel myself getting more toned

Epic. Just fucking epic

Apparently from what i can tell they look like they have a very soft sole. It looks like they mimmick walking in the sand somewhat. I think it can work to a very limited degree. But from a business and marketing standpoint, BRILLIANT!