Anybody here skateboard. I am looking into starting because I think it would be a good way to increase my balance and mainly because it looks fun and would give me something to do/practice which I am missing right now from not doing any sports. What I am wondering is what are good kinds of skateboards? Are there differences in sizes, shapes etc…
Any info will help guys.thanks,
:slight_smile: Groove

Hey, what’s up…I skateboard and surf, and I’m in the bronx, ny. the combo is great, weightlifting and skateboard, They both compliment each other, I workout at a couple of places and is the NYC parks “The Oval” it has two tracks great for running and a small weight room, dumbbell 5 to 50 , pull down machine and press with two legs machince, ok it’s crap but I enjoy gooing there and try to come up with diffrenet ideas to work out, BUT it about 1/2 mile from my apartment, and I get on my skateboard and head up there, great warm up and when I’m done BOOM down hill to the house…what kinda of board should you get OK, you can spend 50 to 200 bucks on a board, I recommend the 50 to start out with , here in NYC we have store that sell board like that like Modell ot Toys or US, hey to start off it ok because whaqt if you buy 150 to 200 board and you don’t like it, F—!and don’t go knocking your head on bearing sm wheel sizze and board size at this point learn balance control and have fun, like I mention before they both ( weightlifting and skateboarding ) help each other out, and dude I’m turning 40 in may and I still ride, have fun and let me know what you think!

Hey Groove,
I used to be all about skating a few years ago, but have since given it up for a few reasons (one of them being a chronic back injury that still bothers me). However, skateboarding is definitely a great time, and a decent cardio workout.

As far as different boards go, it’s totally a matter of personal preference. In general, the skinnier the board, the easier it is to do flip tricks. However, you’ll be more stable on something wider. Most ride something in between 7.5 and 8.0, so I’d recommend checking out a 7.75 for your first deck. If you have any friends that skate, check out their setups, and see what feels comfortable. Concerning specific brands, I used to like Element with Independent trucks, but that was a few years ago, so things might have changed. If you don’t have a skateshop near you, CCS is a good place to order from:


Hey Toque-fella :wink: I used to skate (quit about 12 years ago) and lemme tell you, it is a fantastic way to get some cardio in, but that was always the problem for me. I couldn’t put on or maintain weight even though I ate like a pig. Watch you don’t burn off all of that precious muscle you worked so hard to put on.

thanks guys, I thought this thread was long buried. Info looks good but I think I might have to put it of till spring because as i type we are getting a shitload of snow dumped on us in Lethbridge. Oh well
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groove, we’re getting the same storm here in Calgary right now. Not much down yet, but it’s probably enough to make my trip to the gym a little longer today.