Size Without Strength: A Sign of Steroid Use?

A Natty-or-Not Question

Think it’s impossible to get huge without also getting super strong? Think again. Muscle size isn’t always an indication of someone’s strength.

Some lifters are big and strong. Some lifters are small and strong. Other lifters are big and, for their size, not so strong. This third category MUST be on drugs, right? Nope. It’s possible, but there are a lot of factors that can affect a lifter’s physique.

The Bullet Points

  • Training style matters a lot. You can lift in a way that increases a lot of local growth factors, like IGF-1 and GH.
  • Accumulating enough effective reps can create muscle growth, even if the lifter isn’t going as “heavy” as some may think. Lifting lighter weights can cause muscle growth.
  • If someone is training normally, looking huge but not strong, sure, that person might be using PEDs, but they could also be genetically predispositioned to build a lot of muscle.
  • Some people don’t lift heavy due to certain factors: weak neurological impulses, overly protective tendons, or the architecture of their muscle tissue might be frail despite the muscular volume they were able to build.
  • So a person may be lifting as heavy as he can, even if he seems weak for his size.

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