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Size without fat

I am 178 lbs 7% body fat. I want to add more size without fat.

I’m 198 at 8% bodyfat. I’d like to fuck Pamela Anderson.

so would i

Honestly Britches, that was one of the best, most through responses to a question I’ve seen yet on this forum.


I want a hummer from Christy Turlington…well actually Ashley Judd would be my first pick, but I saw an opportunity for a Rounders quote so I couldn’t pass it up. Seriously though, you can’t gain mass w/o adding fat, this is common knowledge. If you want to minimize fat gain, well screw it, just read the FAQ, this is where you should’ve gone to begin with.

I’m 215lbs 12% bodyfat and I too would like to fuck Pam Anderson. In addition, I’d like to fuck Monica Brant and that chich from Dark Angel.

I want a golden toilet seat but it ain’t in the cards.

i am 165 lbs 6% body fat and i too would fuck anyone of the previously mentioned beatches. i think it is possible to gain SOME mass without adding fat, but not a lot. you are WAY better off gaining fat though. your results will be a lot quicker and a lot better. besides, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the fat back off with proper diet and maybe some md6 after you finish bulking. good luck.

i would like to gain 20 lbs, get down to 5% bodyfat, have a 9 inch dick, hoop like Mike, go on tour opening for Pearl Jam, and also fuck Pam, Monica, and Halle Berry.

  From what I read to pack on mass you will gain fat.Its just when you get to your body weight desired start a thermogenic and cardio to cut the fat. 
   Plus eat more meat and take in plenty of calories.
    Hope I helped.

Try the modified ABCD diet by t-mag…and i think androsol would help…
I am 5’8" 179lbs at 9% bf and you guys have to wait …because i do Pamela …1st…he-he

Everyone that reads T-mag wants to add more size without fat. In the real world adding size without fat is nearly impossible. It is possible to add some size without fat but not much. 7% body fat is pretty low so you are probably blessed with a fast metabalism. Don’t be afraid to eat big and get big.

First off, I would love to lick and stick Jessica Alba from Dark Angel.

And secondly, I want to get bigger and not gain fat. But it’s not going to happen. Even though I’m a fat phobic, I’m gonna have to gain a little fat in order to bump up my lean mass.

Besides, I’m 5’4" and 145lb at about 11-12% bf. Shugart makes fun of guys like me all the time because we want to break the 150lb barrier, but are afraid to because we might lose our abs! Dammit man! I want to be bigger and leaner. Aw, fuck it! I’d rather just get a piece of that sweet Jessica Alba poon! I’ll bring her to Nate Dogg’s Poon Palace and show her what’s up!

I to would like to fuck pammy. I would also like to put on another 30 lbs of lbm simply by having swimsuit models suck my cock.

Short of taking a steroid like anavar or winsterol, you will not be able to gain an appreciable amount of body weight without putting on a little fat.

One option that might work is to reverse the Delta 1250 diet in that you will alternate a week of taking in maintenance calories, with a week of taking in approximately 500 extra calories per day. Make sure that you accurately compute you maintenance calories to include any exercise that you might do, as well as your basic activity levels through.out the day. This method will add an additional 3500 calories every two weeks, or the equivalent of 1 pound of body weight. Understand, however, that you will most likely put onless than one pound, because part of that extra 3500 calories will be used to synthesize the new mass gain.

O.k. I’ll play. I’m 6’3" 235 and 9% I’d hammer any of the aforementioned, the chicks at the local Hooters, their sisters, the “trainers” at my gym, and even the librarian at the school. (does Winny do this to anyone else?! :slight_smile: )

wait4- 5 years. then use the newly developed myostatin-gene blocker for human use.You wont even have to train. Just chase women.

I’d hate to interrupt with a real idea, but here goes. first take the get big diet only instead of setting up to gain mass set up to effectively stay where you are at then one a week throw in a protein over eating day in which you consume 2times your body weight in grams of protein. I’ve seen a theory about this somewhere else I just don’t remember where. Hopefully the shock day will not cause protein deamination, and you can gain 1/4 to 1/2 of a pound of muscle a week. not lot but over the long run that is 13lbs to 26lbs of muscle a year.