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Size Vs. Fat


For all of the bigger guys out there (I'm 156 LBM and about 175), I was wondering:

As you got bigger muscles, did you find it easier to get the ripped look? I was thinking that at 160 LBM I had to diet down to only 10-15 pounds of fat to look decent. However, If I was 200 pounds, I could carry 20 pounds of fat or so. That seems like it would be easier to acheive.

So whats the deal? As you got bigger did you find it easier to look ripped??


you are merely stating that 10% body fat at 200 pounds is 20 pounds of fat and 10% body fat at 150 pounds is 15 pounds of fat as far as i can tell
I'm not big but to answer your question, yes.


I found it easier, but for a different reason...having the proper nutrition to get big made it easier to have the proper nutrition to get lean. kind of a mental discipline thing. It's probably easier also because your using more calories just "being", since you carry more muscle. that, and bigger guys don't have to be really shredded to be impressive IMO.


anyone can looked ripped regardless of small or big, it depends on body fat, but being bigger helps you look more ripped as long as nutrition is in tact. but i think it is harder to maintain if you are bigger.


Thats exactly what I'm saying, It appears as though you get to carry around a "free" 5 pounds once you get up to that weight. You don't have to diet down to 15 pounds of fat, you can diet to 20 pounds of fat which seems easier.

I'm just seeing if my thinking proves true by asking those who have done it.


When you pass a certain threshold of muscle size your proportions and outlines become such that it's flagrantly apparent that you weight train. At that point the muscle is large enough that you can see the separations and outlines while carrying more body fat then a thinner person would need to look muscular.