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Size & Strength, This Good?


What do think about following routine - goal is to get max strength and size !

ME Benchpresses 5x3
A1 Inclinepresses 6x6
A2 T-Bar Rowing 6x6
B1 Bent Over Rows 5x8
B2 Frontpresses 5x8
C BB-Shrugs 4x10

ME Fullsquats 5x3
A Powercleans 10x3
B Good Morning 5x5
C Frontsquats 6x6
D1 Weighted Hyperextensions 4x10
D2 Weighted Romain Chair Situps 4x10

ME Miltarypresses 5x5
A1 Weighted Chins 6x6
A2 Weighted Dips 6x6
B1 Inclinepresses 5x8
B2 T-Bar Rowing 5x8
C Hang Pulls 6x6

Saturday / Week A
ME Deadlifts 5x3
SE Fullsquats Speed 10x3
A Powercleans 10x3
B BB-Lunges 6x6
C Leg Curls 5x8

Saturday Week B
SE Deadlifts Speed 12x2
SE Fullsquats Speed 10x3
A Powercleans 10x3
B SL Deadlift 6x6
C Leg Curls 5x8

greets, Arne

Um… it’ll work… kind of a bit of work though. Unless you have a really good work capacity.

My poundages went up sharply and I found that my work capacity was shit with the new weights.

I normally like to do 4-5 exercises such as yourself for my me/de/re stuff.

I’ve had to cut down to 3, but it really eliminates the bullshit… a lot of times you just do extra shit that looks good on paper.

Skull crushers aren’t doing much for my triceps that weighted dips with 130lbs didn’t already do. And if I really busted my ass, I tend to be going like 30lbs lighter than if I “left some in the tank” for skull crushers…which I shouldn’t be.

So you might want to do some high repetition work and endurance based shit for a little while before you attempt something like that where you “should” be using weights near your max for almost every exercise.

People shy away from this sort of thing but I think its dumb, everything should come in waves.

For example your program will work for a while but once your strength goes up you’ll need to do more volume with more weight to get stronger again. And you need to get accustomed to higher volume so switch it up.

If you look at the westside training logs, they lift a shitload of heavy but their assistance work can either be heavy like your ‘program’ but more often than not it tends to be in a rep range like 5sets of 10-15 reps

If I were you, unless you already were doing some high rep shit.

I’d be doing:

-high rep shrugs (like 4 sets of 20),
(Since you want to do a lot of cleans, and other pulling motions you want these to be in some serious condition, they’ll get work from just about everything else but the direct work will ensure their capacity to handle a serious load)

-a SHITLOAD of different sled pulls for speed/time/weight/distance,

-javorek complexes,

-John Davies “bear” (Power clean, front squat, jerk, back squat, behind neck jerk),

-10-15 50m-100m sprints with <1min rest between sprints,

  • Tabata thrusters

  • work on weak areas… rear delts, abs, hamstrings, lower back, obliques, hip flexibility (do mobility drills, Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey are geniuses at this shit)

…my point is, before you attempt this make sure you can get the most out of it.

The goal should be to do just enough volume to stimulate muscle size, and no more! As the more unnecessary volume that you do the more recovery your body needs.

For example, if 15 sets are exactly what is needed, why do 16 sets? If you do more you are doing it for purposes other than for muscular growth.