Size Program

I’m actually not that much of a newbie but this might be that type of question. I’ve been doing max strength work for a year and a half and I feel as though its time for a change. I wanted to do a month and a half size program that seems pretty appealing. However would I lose some of the gains i’ve made in max strength at the end of this timeframe?

If you do a high volume low intensity training program you probably will lose some of your max strength, but if you do something higher intensity your strength levels should be fine. Check out the set rep bible for recommendations for hypertrophy and strength.

You should rotate different reps/sets schemes through the week, just like Chad Waterbury does, this way you will train different strength qualities while stimulating hypertrophy, plus you will decrease the chances to burn yourself out. Take a look at his stuff, the guy is one bright and big stud. Hope this can help.

I have done the 10x3 and TBT that can be found here at T-Nation and added size and strenght. Remember that each program must be tailored to fit your needs. The P-10 system is my choice for now, seem to work well too. I will know come the end of the hybrid I have created.