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Size Problem on Left Side

Ok all here’s the thing thats been bothering me the most, every time I lift arms,chest,shoulders, and back really hard my left arm and left side seem to feel and look more swollen then my right side, although my right side is much stronger is this a problem?

Do they normally look uneven or just when your pumped? This is unclear from your post. If just while pumped it shouldn’t be a problem. If their is normally an imbalance incorparate more unilateral exercises. That should help even out your stregth differences aswell. Post pics of the imbalance you may just be playing it up.

posting pics will help to judge it better.

It’s on;y when pumped it just irritates me, when pumped my right arm keeps shape and gets harder but my left seems to get swollen more and seems to flatten out. I figured it was just a case of being right hand dominant or some crap like that but it just gets on my nerves to notice my left arm being more pumped up then my right