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Size or Strength?

I was wondering what is more important to you guys Size or Strength? I know that with size comes strength but I was wondering what do your workouts focus on more Size or Strength or a mix of both?

Strength. I’d rather be strong for my size (195 lbs), than be as big as possible. I do focus on symmetry though. But, overall, my reps stay below 8.

I really don’t care what I can bench, squat, dead…ect. I really work on being big, lean, and symmetrically. Even though it’s fun to go heavy, and I sometimes do, it’s not my main focus. It’s for the ladies!! Got to look good for them.

I like to be bigger, but strength is more fun to me. I train for both.

strength all the way. it doesn’t matter to me how big I get, although I don’t want to break 195. Function first, then form. if your big, but not strong its sorta like being one of those kit cars from the 80’s. Plus, the bigger you get, the smaller your penis looks. Bummer!

Size and symmetery. The first five years or
so of training I was very focused on strength,
out of ego, but I finally realized that the
only major lift I’d ever be at all impressive
in was the deadlift. The idea of going to
a deadlift-only competition once a year
or something just was not that appealing,
nor was the idea of embarrassing myself
in the bench (I have poor leverage in that
lift and lift a lot less than it looks like
I could lift.)

Furthermore, the powerlifts were damaging
to my symmetry – I don’t need larger hips.

I’d rather look better every day, than
be, at best, a “he’s also okay” lifter in
terms in strength at a powerlifting meet
every now and then. And I couldn’t care
less whether guys in the gym are impressed
with what I lift (though they are in things
like the Hammer Strength back exercises.)

Strength. I’m not a competitive PLer but I train like one. Nothing’s more lame than a 250lb guy who guy use big weights on some esoteric lift like a supine fly but gets the shakes when he gets below parallel with 225 on his back. Lots of guys can load up on drugs and be big but you have to really know what you’re doing to lift big (and stay healthy while using good form).

Back when I was 17, I thought I was da man benching 350. But, the fact was, my physique wasn’t all that impressive. My body fat was around 15% and the only thing women would ask me was if I played football or something. So I realized that strength, although cool, doesn’t exactly make a girl cream. I mean, what was I going to do? Grab each chick I met and ask her to come to my gym and watch me lift heavy poundages in order to awe her into bed? So, I decided that I’d rather be “fairly strong” yet look attractive to the opposite sex by focusing on muscular hypertrophy and fat loss. It’s paid off in a big way since then. But I suspect it’s mainly attributable to my pimped ass pick up lines. :-)…Sup ladies?(to one girl)Can I hit it?

If all you care about is gettin chicks you should take sensitivity classes. Count the number of times you’ve seen a hot chick with some chubby bastard. That’s because hes nice, sensitive and listens. So get swole for your own ego, but don’t try to justify it as “for the ladies”. I ain’t buyin it. I can accept that you would do it for your own confidence, but for the ladies, thats just naive.

Chris B. I’m sure you and your Boyfriend enjoy your sensitivity classes together, as for me, it all started for the ladies. Hmmm, it also started that way for others like T-mags own Cy Wilson. A question was asked in this thread and I answered it. I have no need to lie here. Keep your fag ass out of other people’s responses. You don’t know me or anything about me or why I lift!! If you want to stay at the T-Mag site, fine. But keep your insults to yourself and for god’s sake put down your copy of Cosmo!

Sensitivity classes? I truly hope that was a form of severe sarcasm. Have we forgotten the name of the mag? Anyhow, while it is true that you’re less likely to “stick with it” if you only do it for women, we all lift to improve the way we look or peform in order to feel good about ourselves and how others perceive us. “Others” includes women.

vince, thats some funny shit. i agree with the chicks being one of the main reasons for training. it’s probably #1 on my list. of course there are many other reasons why i train and if i woke up tommorrow and all the chicks were gone i would still train. i just wouldnt diet at all, pizza and beer all day. actually maybe just half a day until i realized…“fuck, all the chicks are gone!” at which point i would probably kill myself.
by the way cy, i use the same exact line. works like a charm.

I’m a little guy (5’4", 145). I’d rather be bigger than stronger. Because people can’t tell I work out unless I wear a tight t-shirt or am naked. And I can’t walk around naked all the time to prove that I work out! So my focus is more size. Although, I have spent time in the past working on strength but what good is it if I don’t have any mass to go with it?

In the past year I’ve focused mostly on hypertrophy, but recently I’ve been leaning towards strength/power. It’s nice to be noticed with a bodybuilder’s physique, but I’ve got to admit that I feel more awkward at my current size (5’9" 210lb) than when I was lighter. I used to be involved in gymnastics, martial arts and other sports, and I am not able to perform as well now. At my current size my stamina sucks and I’m much slower than I used to be. Granted that some of the performance decrement can be attributed to less sport-specific training, but I wonder how much. I guess I just feel that my function is not up to par with my form. As far as “doin’ it all for the ladies,” I think Chris G has a valid point. There are not as many women that are attracted to the “bodybuilder’s physique” as most guys think. I actually get more positive comments on my physique from guys than girls, and that is definitely not my goal! Lean and muscular is fine, but I’ve found that many women find excessive muscularity to either be narcissitic, unattractive or both. Maybe I need to move to southern California ;)!

I’d rather be big with good symetry. I feel I’m strong enough for my size. I’d rather look like I can bench 350 lbs, and not, then be able to bench 350 and look like I don’t know where the weight room is.

Strength. If you are strong, you will have a little size.

Vince, you are tough, no doubt about it. But as far as my response goes, It was more along the lines of…chicks dig guys that listen, and it doesnt matter what they look like. anyway, it wasn’t even aimed at you. but after that response I can tell your soft and sensitive, or you wouldn’t have gotten worked up like such a little(or BIG) bitch. so you probably don’t have a problem getting ladies. just keep on bein sensitive(and lyin to yourself…sure its for the ladies…your not tryin to compensate for somethin ->

oh yeah, it was supposed to be sarcastic! lol!!

In my workouts I focus more on Sensitivity. I try to listen to my workout partners and feel their needs. Are their quads sore? Do they want to stop running on the treadmill? Is the weight too heavy? I feel that’s most important.

At the beganing i used to work out to get bigger…now i am happy with my size and now… would like to get stronger.