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Size Of PWO Meal

Just a quick question about my first meal PWO. How big should it be? I read in one of CW’s articles that he would have people eat 2g carbs per lean body mass and 1g protien. Is this what a lot of people use? Has this been proven to work? I am currently at about 220 pounds of LBM and only eating 100 carbs and about 70 g of protien PWO, am I seriously undershooting how many calories I should be eating? I am currently bulking if that changes things.

Are you eating 100g of carbs and 70g of protein including your PWO shake? Or are these the #s for your meal? A number of factors influence the size of your meal. Ideally, you should consume a PWO drink immediately after training(Surge). 45-60 min. later eat a meal containing a combo of fast and slow-acting carbs with adequate protein. For someone your size trying to put on mass, this could mean 1 cup of oats, 1-2 bananas, and 2 scoops of Grow!. You could also eat lean meat, egg whites, tuna, chicken, turkey, or any other lean protein source to get around 50 grams of protein in. Even skim milk is an OK option combined w/ another protein source @ this time. This all depends on how many calories you’re eating during the rest of the day as well though. Do you process carbs well, or do you gain fat easily when consuming a lot of carbs? Read Waterbury’s Top 10 tips if you want more information from him or listen to the Waterbury double-tap on T-Nation radio.

I just re-read your post, and you should not be consuming 2g of carbs/lb. of LBM or 1g of protein/lb. of LBM post-workout. These guidelines are minimum guidelines for an entire day. That would equate to 440g of carbs and 220g of protein PWO in your case. The body processes food much better PWO, but consuming this much food in a short time span would cause serious problems. An approximate 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein is usually fine PWO. In the first 2 hrs. PWO, you would be fine to consume 150g of carbs and 50-75g of protein.

From a Branding Iron article with CW on post workout nutrition:

  1. Sip on half a serving Surge or properly formulated drink during your weight-training workout. Immediately after the workout, consume the other half.

  2. Wait 45 to 60 minutes and begin an hour-long carb/protein feast.

  3. Carbohydrates: Consume 1 gram per pound of lean body mass.

  4. Protein: Consume half a gram per pound of lean body mass.

  5. Fat intake must be nil, nada, zilch! (Or heck, at least very low.)

  6. Consume 300 mg of R-ALA.

  7. Consume 15-30 mg of vanadyl sulfate if you respond well to this supplement (this step isn’t mandatory since some trainees receive no benefit).

I think the numbers you referenced were from the Quattro Dyname program, which were daily values, as mentioned above.

Yes, I apologize, I mistyped the information. This being said, are the recommendations made in the branding Iron article sound? Or is that simply too much food PWO? I have half my PWO shake during the workout and the other half right after I finish, this question was geared towards the meal AFTER the PWO shake.