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Size Matters


It looks like the last one filled up...


This one starts on a good training day

135-3 shirt
155-2 "
155-1 shirt/signals
165-1 "
175-1 "
185-1 touch and go. 10 lb PR and it came up fast and easy
190-0 I dumped this one on my stomach and called it a day.
I'm not sure if I'm getting stronger or just getting a better feel for where my shirt needs to be for each weight. I'm pretty sure I could get 190 but we'd pulled the shirt down a bit too much.



DB bench


Bench is looking good little lady.


nice bench :slight_smile:

may I ask what the title is supposed to recall?? no insult or pun intended. just a confused frenchie...


The title isn't meant to recall anything really. It's more of a self description.

In day-to-day life people tend to take me as very straight laced and proper (mashed potatoes) until they get the unexpected jab (broken glass). Like the other day when I was talking to my boss about a shoring engineer we hired and ended up with no shoring plan so I said "We basically spent two days (insert whacking off hand gesture here). He laughed hard and said "Pretty much".

It's about perceptions and unexpected jolts of reality. I think most people are like that; unexpected layers under the surface.


I think of it as people being onions....lots and lots of thin layers to peel back...if they will let you.

Mmmm. Mashed potatoes. I could go for some right now.


Nice work....
bench is moving allot.

I thought it was cause you might be someone who puts glass in other people's mashed potatoes


I was going to touch on that later...


nice analogy

reminded me of this classic.


Oh geez, menu suggestions for my wife. I thought the taters were a litte crunchy last night...


Can I have my taters with gravy instead? That 185 is damn fine Julie. You'll be pressing two wheels soon.


HOLY COW. Fantastic way to start a log, great benching indeed!


Thanks. I was pretty happy with it. Because I struggle with bench, any advances are hard won. For some reason, last night they were all banging out fast and easy.


nice work in here. love the thread title


Nice work J!!


Frenchy, that made me laugh out loud. And I sure needed that today. Thanks!


I think you need to stop saying that you "struggle" with bench these days. Your bench has gotten damn strong. You must recognize that a 185-lb. bench at 130 lb. is amazing! You probably couldn't have fathomed benching anywhere near that much two years ago, now could you?

And I think you're self-assessment is pretty spot on. I thought you were pretty straight-laced too until I read a few particularly pointed posts and thought, "I had her pegged all wrong!"

Always enjoy reading your log. Glad you are back.


Excellent work as always, O_s.

No worries-- We all dump a bench or 2 or 12 once in awhile :wink:


Meh... I knew she was bent all along :P...
And BB... he is certifiable :P...
But< I love 'em both... good people 'dem two...


Happy Holidays O :wink:

Have a little Grand marnier on the rocks for me.


Friday December 24 - Field trip to the Y in St. Catharines.

There was a shit ton of guys there and a squat off. I crapped out early but it was a blast to watch. I think they got most of it on video. It was a lot of fun and great to see people we haven't seen in a while. Nothing says fun like discussing the perils of camel toe with a too small singlet with the other ladies.

For those people who go on about the pain in the ass factor of training with people who aren't at their 'level' they could take a lesson for how we managed today. There were 8 or 9 of us squatting today in rotation. There were two women and the rest were men. It was run like a mini meet kind of based on height and weight on the bar with multiple people spotting and changing rack height and plates.


235-3 suit on straps down
265-2 "
280-1 straps up wraps
310-1 " - slow and a grind to come up with
330-0 I hit this slow and wrong and pitched forward

I bowed out at this point and enjoyed the show.


Various cable rows

Various lat pull downs

bw+10 - 6