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Size Imbalance

Well latley I have noticed that my right side is considerably stronger than my left. My right lats, traps and back have developed quite a bit as opposed to the left side. I am beginnig to be able to feel it, its not painful, its just become noticble.

What Excersises should I use to work this imbalance out?
I thought doing some extra sets of DB Bent over rows, and shrugs, would help until its balanced, but what can i do about my Lats?

The only equipment i have is a Bench with a squat rack.

Just ask if you want to know anything else.

How long have you been training and your age??. This can be common in someone just starting out and using a lot of DB’s. try using barbell, bent over rows, shrugs, squats and deadlifts and if you have room some olympic movements, likepush press.

I’ve actually noticed something pretty similar in myself. I find that the side that’s slightly stronger than the other naturally seems to be tense all the time. If this is the case for you, my advice would be to get your back regularly massaged if you can. That seems to help me, anyway. I haven’t really narrowed down a cause for this training-wise, though. Could have something to do with not switching which hand is overhand and which is underhand on deadlift, but I doubt it somewhat as i’ve switched grips for awhile. Your best guess is mine!

Anyways, good luck! I know how irritating having an imbalance can be.

ive been doing pretty much all barbell work. Im going to start doing some db Instead, leaving in squats, bench and deadlifts. Ive been at it for around 8 months. Personally i wasnt the most balance when i started, so i think having uneven strength, has caused my right side to compensate for my left while doing bb work.