Size Gains

does ne one have a good 4 or 5 day split that i can use for size gains…i want a routine that you have tried and it worked considerably good…thnx

TBT - Total Body Training - Do a search, i did it for two or three months when my old routine was stale and i got good results. It’s not easy, but it works.


Worked great when i started out, but after about a month of this you’ll need to mix it up anyway to continue real gains.

There are so many training articles that have been published on this site that fit what you’re looking for.

My suggestiong would be to cruise on over to the Article Library and pick the one that you like the best.

Nearly everything works for awhile, so you can’t go wrong.

a Long time ago It wrote a 4- day split 6 days per week program for 3 weeks. With everything I know now, it wasn’t the greatest program for exercise selection. However the high frequency and ungodly amounts of food consumed and the abundent sleep I alowed myself to have gave impressive results.

4 weeks gained 7 pounds and was 25% stronger on every single lift!

It was something like this

Torso Push and Quad dominant leg
Torso Pull and Posterior chain leg
Arm dominant push and abs/obliques
Arm dominant Pull and lower back