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Size Gain Workouts?

what’s a good size building workout that works well? i wanted to start rippetoe’s starting strength but i really want to focus more on size than strength. i hear ripptoe’s is a really good program but i don’t know if i will meet my goals of the type of body i want doing the program.

i dont have much muscle right now, ive been working out for about 3 months now. i have some muscle just starting to come out now but i need a good workout to focus on gaining size. i want that beach bod for the summer!

should i stick to a strength building workout? or focus more on size gains?

With strength comes size. No program is gonna give you a “beach bod” in what, two months. Its almost summer now. Concentrate on strength and making your lifts with proper form. The size will follow.

Summer '10, I hope you mean.