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Size for Bench Shirt


I order a inzer bench shirt at size 52 didnt come close to fitting me at a chest size of 43 my shoulder were way to large for it. howe ever my cousin chest at size 38 just fit into the shirt and its working for him. so i figure i should just order my shirt 5 inches bigger from inzer but i want to get a titan bench shirt will i get the same problem with them and order size 57(F6 shirt is the one im looking at) or go with there suggested size liek inzer and hope.

chest size 43 add 9 get 52
shoulder 54 add 2 get 56 suppose to take smallest one but that didnt work
arm 16.25 relaxed
height 6'
weight 232


Titan's suggested sizes work a lot better than Inzer's.


Pardon the newbie question but does a bench shirt really make that big a difference in size and strength?


It's complicated, but short answer is training with a shirt will allow you to bench press more when you have it on, and will also increase your raw strength too if used sparingly.


Quick question -- do you have an arch? If not you might want to consider the Fury instead. Also, rumor has it that titan is coming out with new material in the next couple of months.......so you might want to wait. And yes I have found that Titan sizes are often closer to what you need than Inzer is. I have a 36-37 inch chest and 42 shoulders - wear a 42-44 shirt.



Oh god yes. Shirts are mostly for competition. They can definitely up 200 pounds or more in some cases.