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Size and Power Routine

I know this routine below would give me quite a bit of strength and power but does anybody think it could help me gain some muscle size as well, provided proper nutrition.
Day 1
power clean 5 x 5
bench press 5 x 5
squat 5 x 5
bar row 5 x 5

Day 2
deadlift 5 x 5
cg bench 4 x 10
front squat 4 x 10
pullups 4 x 10

Day 3
power clean 5 x 5
incline bench 4 x 8
squat 4 x 8
bar row 4 x 8

Any body with an answer would be appreciated.

what are your intensities like in this routine. Are you using slow eccentrics wherever you can or jus focusing on the concentric motions? I don’t think you could be able to go through this workout while maintaining a lot of strength inorder to induce hypertrophy for a long period of time. You would get neurally tired after your first excercise. You would be destroying your body. You are doing to many compound movement sets for one workout. Look at something like HST training which cuts down on the number of sets per excercise and has a larger variety of excercises. laters pk

i will disagree with ‘pkradgreek’ I’m sure you can but gain size from a program like this but you will need the following things in addition to the training program: A great diet, use of recovery techniques, great recovery abilities, a whole bunch of desire and a strong will. The program your going to be doing doesnt sound easy at all but im sure you can do it

When you say day 1, 2, and 3, is it training days or calendar days? Is there at least a day off between these?

so why are going to disagree with me then. he said he was not juicing. if he was then it’s all good. laters pk

I didnt say he would need to juice. Ive never done juice and could probably do it but then again, I have good recovery and stretch a lot, use good post workout nutrition, use hot/cold showers when possible, have recovery trainings do nothing but sit on my ass the rest of the day and eat a shitload of food.

will the anabolics help with his neural recovery? or just metabolic? i still maintain it is possible. the intensity isnt that high anyway, he is doing 5 x 5, although everyone thinks this is some magical low volume high intensity training it isnt its medium volume medium intensity. also hes doing sets of 8 or 10 for most of his training… like i said the intensity isnt that high, i could definetly recover from it and have never used anabolics. but i would only use it for about 3 weeks i think. anyway i will have to agree with pkradgreek and recomend that you not do this program if you are trying to train for optimal results. Sorry, pk i kinda got caught up in whether it was possible which i still think it is rather than optimal which it probably isnt, i get a bit like that sometimes