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Any other plus 50 year old’s here, who weigh 212 [around] at 6 ft tall
And eat about 2500 Cals a day, at most?

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also, around 20%fat?

This sounds like you’re looking for a TDEE calculator…

I’m close; 6-0 1/2”, 194 lbs., try to hit 2400 kcal/ day,

Hows your bodyfat?
I am just trying to figure out how to lower mine.

Lift weights, lower carbs. For most people, it really is that simple, at least until you start to get very lean.


64, 6’1”, 215. Rarely do I hit 2400 cals, mostly 2200 or less.

If you want to shed some weight and don’t know where to start, go to and buy the Kindle version of Killing Fat by some guy named Dr. Ellington Darden.

Follow it to the letter. There are easy meal plans, a workout plan, and certain other activities necessary to attain optimal fat loss, but if you stick to it you can lose 30 or so pounds in 12-15 weeks, maybe more if you follow more strictly.

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Don’t know my percentage, but I am very lean. I was at my leanest about 6 months ago, after going low carb for a year or so. I’m 54. I lost muscle on low carb, probably because I went too low cal. I did feel great, though, being 25 lbs. lighter and sharper mentally than I had been in 35 years… but everyone I knew commented on how skinny or scrawny I had become, so there’s that. I believe the best plan for me is to eat 4-600 calories meals per day, higher protein (low carb) for the first 3 meals, higher carb for the last meal, and keep fats low. Oh, and DO NOT OVERTRAIN!!!

You’ll have to excuse me, I accidentally did an extra set of wrist curls yesterday. I’m now grossly overtrained. My CNS is fried. I’ll see you guys in a month (Lord willing, I’ll be recovered by then.)


You’re young, you’ll see.

I wait at least 2 weeks before I train any muscle again so I can optimize my strength levels for my 1 set. Even then, I’ve still only recovered about 80% of my strength.

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My eyes are overtrained from all the isolation work they do on this forum.

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That’s what you get for not following 30-10-30 protocol.

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I think this was before you joined, but I actually did follow 30-10-30 down to the letter, including supplementation protocol last year. It was a pretty fun program and a ton of people were following the log. I’m kind of nostalgic for it at this point because that was the program I followed when I started logging my training on here. A few debates even happened lol good times! I haven’t returned to it, because a few of the workouts were just way too easy, and on 30-10-30 days, the 90 seconds of TUT were extremely mentally agonizing lol so it felt a bit imbalanced. Plus you have to really use baby weights and I like to lift heavy.

Good protocol if you don’t have any heavy weights available to you. If I were in that position, where I just have light weights available, I would do 1 30-10-30 set then a high rep pump set.

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Will take that under recommendation!

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2000 cals per day the last week.
about 6.5 hrs. hard workout per week and still cannot lose the stomach visceral fat.

Well visceral fat is the fat around your organs (which can’t be seen) but I assume you mean regular belly fat =)

If you aren’t weighing yourself daily, like first thing in the moring after you piss, and taking weekly averages - you probably won’t see the scale move. Even then, you are likely in a 500cal/day deficit, which evens out to 3500cal/wk = 1lb/wk… It’s slow. I don’t know how much you wish to lose, but aim for about 1lb weight loss per week.

If you are weighing yourself accordingly and not seeing any weightloss, I would ask if you’re getting enough protein in and suggest possibly reducing calories a bit further (maybe another 250cal deeper deficit). Adding some extra cardio helps a good bit when a deficit (that should be yielding more weightloss) isn’t doing enough (or if you need more food).

Need to clarify this at @Andrewgen_Receptors stated. However, keep in mind you can’t spot reduce so fatloss will need to improve everywhere and some people carry it differently. I would be curious to see what those calories consist of. I keep asking people for their ‘meal plans’ but never really get a true one back. Just “i try to eat healthy” or “mostly low carb”. A true meal plan is the exact food you eat at an exact hour every day. I can fine tune my body between 185lbs and 205lbs on a whim just by adjusting my meal plan.

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On average 2 two full meals per day with some nuts or honey 1hr before bed.

Two full meals are always a 600 cal shake [shakology] at 12 noon.

Second full meal at 5:30pm, usually salmon or chicken with mixed veggies and some pasta.

All totaled about 2400 cals per day.

1 gallon of water per day.

8 hrs of sleep, average.

Sunday can be a cheat day.
usually sweets extra 500 cals