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Six Weeks To Superhero


So im going to start the latest workout posted by CT tomorow. Ive been hearing lots of good stuff about this and am hoping to add some muscle and increase my strength. Couple of stats for me are,


i have pretty average strength for a gym rat i guess.

hoping to increase all of these main lifts and shed some fat and get into better shape before bootcamp. Oh and i'll also be doing a pullup program as well and running to get into condition. Any wisdom from you older wiser dudes and tips, hell anything to help me out would be appreciated. Thanks guys and i'll keep you all updated on my progress.


Don't forget to eat your protein, best of luck


Been eating plenty of protien and making sure to eat plenty of calories. Thanks man i appreciate it


Good luck man :slightly_smiling:

PS. create a log here at T-Nation then we can follow your training and progress.


ah i just did. thanks man


you have pretty average strength for someone who never lifted on his life.

Eat good, do your squats and give time.


Will do


Nice man, I'm starting this program tomorrow too, really excited to begin, best of luck


Don't wear anything USMC related or shave your head before you go. Definitely don't skimp on your cardio to lift more. Bootcamp is more endurance specific than power. Once you get to the fleet you'll have more time add muscle mass.


Hey edmo thanks for that! yeah dont worry, wouldnt even think bout wearing anything USMC related unless i wanted to get slayed haha i'll keep that endurance part in mind. not to worried bout mass, just strength.


Good shit bro, i cant wait either. Kick ass at it yeah?


No problem good luck. If you got any questions just PM me.


good luck man


Take a multi and make sure to lift heavy!


I started it last week with arms/back added for wednesday and friday. Those complexes will beat your ass like you owe them money.


Yeah i kinda messed around with it a few weeks ago, did the deadlift and bench complexs. hardest workouts ive done in a while. off to the gym in a few hours. i'll let you guys know how it goes.


Defenitley will man. how long were you in?


I started this last Monday and had to take off my shirt on the way home all 4 days so as not to drench my driver seat with sweat. I can't imagine adding arms and back on Wed and Sat. I just did some pullups and curls after the deadlift complex. I also added calves after the squat complex and some flyes/stretching after the chest complex. Good luck! Stick to it and you should see results.


i like those idea man. thanks alot, i'll keep at it.


man today was a bastard of a workout. I did 4 rounds of the squat complex and thanks to giving blood sunday morning after church, i was bout to puke halfway through. pretty proud of not hurling on the power rack. saved that for the bushes outside the gym. anyways, heres the numbers.

Top half squat:235X5, 245X5, and 265X4 and last set of 265X4
Front squat:125X5, 145X5 and 155X5 and a last set of 155X5
Box jump: bodyweightX10 (i need to practice the snatch so i substituted these for now)
vertical jump: bodweightX10

for the shoulders i was gassed. giving blood is no bueno for lifting.
i barely got one round out.

top half press: 95X5
push press:80X5
dumbell press for time 20X20 seconds

first day on this, im liking it so far. i got a ways to go. stay tuned.