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Six Weeks to Superhero Video and Written Material Don't Match

I have a few questions about the written version of Six Weeks to Superhero vs the videos on YouTube of the program. The exercises don’t exactly match. I’m wondering which is correct.
Here are the inconsistencies between the written article and the YouTube videos.
Deadlift Complex
There are 5 execises listed but then the video shows a sixth that is the sled push.
Squat Complex
It says “Jump Squat with bar” but the video shows a jump squat with a dumbbell.
Overhead Press Complex
The video shows an exercise not listed in the written article which is a speed dumbbell overhead press for 20 seconds.
The video also shows the last exercise as a push using the sled while the written article shows the last exercise as Feet elevated plyo push-up.
Bench Press Complex
The video shows the speed bench with dumbbells instead of a barbell.
If Christian Thibaudeau could answer this it would be most appreciated.
Thank you.

He wrote about this when it came out, I’ll paraphrase:

  • The video’s and the article were meant to complement each other to show different takes on the same system

  • The system is to go through 5 exercises for the same strength pattern (press, bench, dead lift, squat) that fall along the various points of the strength-speed continuum: Overload ~> Strength ~> Strength-speed ~> Speed-Strength ~> Explosive … The descriptions of which are in the article.

  • You could create dozens of different complexes knowing the system as long as they follow the outline above

So dont worry about the vids being different, its actually a good thing because it shows you 2 different exercises/complexes that both follow the rules. Use them both to understand the system and you might even be able to adapt it to your specific needs.

Could you show me the link where he wrote about it? It doesn’t say anywhere in the article what you mentioned. It specifically says this workout with those specific exercises was designed for muscle building and fat loss together. It doesn’t mention substitutions and the videos embedded in the same article are to show how the exercises for the complexes should be performed and the complex’s themselves. Nowhere does it mention there are variations or that they should be used to get the same effect he intended when he wrote this article.

Please let me know. I’ve started the program but not sure which version to use.

Man…reread your own question and the reply to Lonnie… is this a trolling post?

You think that the excercises in the program cant be substituted? You think there is a magic effect that happens if you use 25 degree incline bench that disappears when you use a 30 degree bench? You have to a. read between the lines and b. think for yourself. Christian did teach you a concept with a program.

EDIT: I found the comment section… http://www.t-nation.com/strength-training-topics/678

sort by “oldest first”

Lots of info in there besides what I mentioned.

I can’t actually, they used to have a comments section after each article that they have since deleted. It is lost to the ages, but I think if you think about it and the system you can use this as an opportunity to become a better lifter and trainer.

Thanks. I found it. It just wasn’t clear and I appreciate you found where he clarified as it was very confusing. He never mentioned in the video or the writings that it can be substituted, etc. Much appreciated.
It’s a specific program with inconsistencies and no mention of substitution by the author in both the video and written article. A. You need to stop trolling if you aren’t actually answering a question and B. Thinking for yourself and being precise are not the same. He taught a concept but gave a specific program for a specific result, then showed it but not to match. Only later he explained it can be substituted in the comments section (which is not the first place most people look for clarification, especially since it was hidden as a very old post/comment).