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Six Weeks Minimal Time

First off Hi to all. I have been reading for the last few months or so but haven’t posted until I had something I felt worth saying!!

I could do with a bit of advice to help me through the next six weeks prior to a professional exam sitting I have the third week of May.

Between my working week, studying for said exams and fulfilling my husband/fatherly duties (namely being a punchbag for my four year old boy) I am only going to be able to get to the gym a couple of times per week from now until the exams are over.

My thoughts were to go with a full body type workout with Bench Press, Deadlift, Squats and Military Press twice per week and alternating triceps and biceps between the two workouts.

I appreciate that i may not be breaking any PR’s (or maybe??) in the six week period but i wish to maintain the momentum I have gained over the last six months or so while keeping my main focus on my studies.

Some background info:

I’m 34 and have been training about 14 months (since realising that my football career was coming to an end and had to find something else to keep my arse off the sofa) 6’2", about 225lbs no idea on the bf% and not that interested until i put a bit more lean mass on but I am lean enough that I can pretty much keep up with the younger players when playing football (the One with the feet for those of you on the other side of the pond).

Any advice would be gratefully received