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Six Star Protein

Anyone ever tried Six Star protein from Walmart? I’m currently visiting a rural area and ran out of my normal ISOPure Zero Carb supp. Picked up a tub at the local GNC and paid $49!!! OUCH. I heard Spike was at Walmart so picked that up and also picked up a tub of this Six Star. Doesn’t seem too bad according to the nutritional analysis (20g Protein to 3G Carb per scoop). Taste is far inferior to ISOPure.

Something tells me this stuff is junk. I need to break down and place a supp order here - never tried Grow!.

I never thought i heard anyone ask that question. Im currently using the six star whey protein, have been for about 4 months now, i find it great, ive tried other things and for its price i think its great. Ive also tried the creatine, Its ok, but theres better. Back to the subject of the six star, you can make excellent gains on it, mix it with milk. My opinion.

It’s ok, you can get it for cheap which makes it an ok supp to sub in while your 10 lbs of Optimum Whey or Metabolic Drive arrives.

I figure better than nothing. But I like all the other micronutrients listed in ISOPure. I’m still assembling my sup order on this site. I recently bought a bottle of HOT-ROX on the clearance table at GNC, but Im sure Id be better off with the Ultimate or Max formula.

I’m in a cutting phase.

Six Star is what I use. It’s not the greatest, but it’s good. That Body Fortress stuff I couldn’t stand too well. They are both cheap as Hell, though.