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Six Pack or Not?


First time poster here. I was a little perturbed the other day when I sent an abs picture to my brother the other day. I text messaged him a pic of my abs and asked him if he thought I had a six pack. He said no. I asked four girls before I asked him and they all said yes.

Do these girls know what they're talking about or is my brother right? This isn't to showcase or anything but to get a little feedback on my ab workout.

My ab workout consists of: 3 sets of bicycle kicks to failure w/ 8 seconds of rest in between each set. 3 sets of putting my feet in the air and doing crunches (I don't know the technical name to these exercises because I'm such a newbie) w/ 8 seconds of rest in between. 3 sets of holding my body upright with my forearms with a 35lb weight on my back for anywhere between 45 seconds and 1:10. I do these after my workouts usually 3-4 times/wk. I've noticed the most gains with the last exercise.

I guess my questions are... Is this a good routine? Can I bulk up and retain my body form (looking to gain about 15-20 lbs)? Do I have a six pack? Should I start running (I play about 6-8 hours of basketball per week because I hate to run and also because I love basketball)? Thanks for your guys' help.

And yes that is Daniel Negreanu. Looks like he needs the most help out of anybody I know.


No, you haven't got a six-pack, although you're probably not too far off.

Everyone has a six-pack, if you can't see it, it's mainly down to bodyfat.

Reducing your bodyfat will probably be easier than making your abs grow enough to be visible under a layer of fat.



I cant see your abs and your going to gain some more fat if you bulk


are you a troll?


I guess my answers are...
It's a good routine if it works for you. Anything works for a while, especially for a newbie.

You can add 15-20 pounds over the next 1-2 years if you eat right, lift heavy, and recover properly. Your body form in it's current composition can be retained but you must eat properly and be patient.

With the lighting of the picture, no, you do not have a six pack. I'm thinking, if you have to ask, you know you don't. Please do not post another pic in different lighting, I just ate. Perhaps the four girls were looking at the Budweiser you were carrying when you asked them.

Why would you start running if you want to add 15-20 lbs?

Thank you for allowing me to assist.


Are you standing next to poker player Daniel Negreanu?

EDIT: Damn, didn't read the last couple sentences....


Well, if FOUR GIRLS said so...


Does that make you Phil Ivey?


lol this can't be real.


Did he give you any poker tips?



If I say no, does that make me kinda like that fifth dentist?


Flat stomach - yes.

Six pack, yet - no.

I imagine the confusion with the 4 girls you polled is that they had no idea what the true definition of the term was.




This can't be real

Who goes around asking half a dozen people if they have a 6-pack or not

who sends text messages asking that?

Chances are if you have to ask......


Lmao. I'm so sorry guys. I fell asleep last night while waiting for this post to upload. I kept pressing refresh on my browser and waiting for my post to update but it never did. I finally got to tired and went to sleep. I haven't read through all the posts but as I was scrolling them I could sense that I was getting flamed. Here is the recent pic. Sorry it's bad quality. I hope this clears things up a little bit.


you look wayyyyyyyyyyy better in this one

why even post the other one, you can see by the first pic that you didnt have a 6 pac shit,I couldnt even tell you lifted in the first pic.


Well, it's kind of hard to tell from that picture. We really need to see you holding a shoe for a proper body fat scale assessment.


You must have done terrible in math.

If you cannot count six individual abdominal muscles, then you don't have a six pack.

How fucking simple is that?


Maybe they meant beer?


No doubt Daniel's a great ambassador and all, but that physique has vegan written all over it.