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Six New Articles!

In this week’s T-Nation:

Atomic Dog: Ballzapoppin’ by TC
(The lead dog discusses the subtle influence of Soren Kierkegaard’s existentialism on English literature in the late 19th century. Although to an uneducated reader, he may just seem to be talking about waxing his nutsack.)

Branding Iron by Chad Waterbury
(“Slop da hawgs” to get huge!)

Painless Carb Reduction Dr. Lonnie Lowery
(Go grocery shopping with big Lonnie, without looking all gay and stuff.)

The Big Woof by Coach John Davies
(Coach D pontificates on the state of modern man… and skateboarding, dude.)

Ghost Dawg by the Ghost
(Good thing he’s dead or someone would kill him.)

Double Take: Squatting from Head to Toe by Dave Tate
(The man squats more than your total, so just shut up and read.)

News and Reader Mail
(Damn good training and nutrition advice, plus some stupid stuff just for grins.)

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I just seriously get a kick out of those darn parentheticals. They’re as entertaining (maybe more so) as the articles themselves!!!

The best ‘article’ this week was in news and reader mail by Berardi. It was a joke of course, but if people would follow the advice the obesity rate would drop at least 5% in North America!

I’d like to see an article with Ian King and Chad Waterbury being interviewed at the same time. These guys are at opposite ends of the spectrum with training philosophy, yet both are obviously successful at what they do. It’d definitely make for some informative, entertaining reading.