Six Months of Work, Is This Good?

So guys, six months of work, eating good food lots of meet and vegetables.
using whey protein and i will start using amino
Any advice?

I personally wouldn’t be satisfied with those results as a beginner after 6 months. I’m assuming your goal is to add quality size?

Get checked for scoliosis and do more pulling.

Well yes i would like to add mire mass, bu my back look like crap. I do a lof of pulling and rowing and still can’t add size and width. I added 10 quality pounds. My arms are bigger than they were.

And i was vary skinny. Had 65kg or less and now i have 72

I’m wondering how you can say that without knowing his starting point.

From nearly any starting point, after 6 months of work, I personally wouldn’t be satisfied with those results, which is what his question was in the title of the post. No leg pics either and only added 10 lbs in 6 months as a beginner according to him. Just my opinion. “Is this good?” I wouldn’t consider that good personally.

Well i couldn’t do a single dip, a single push up, a single pull up. I’m not using anything but protein and my diet isn’t that balanced. I try to eat clean, much meat and a lot of vegetables,but i eat what my mom throws at the table. I do a lot of pull downs and i can’t develope my lats and width. Any suggestions?

Learn to control the weight and squeeze the muscle are you feeling any pump at all? Are to doing enough reps? Enough weight? There could be 18038393003 things stopping you from seeing the results you seek. People underestimate the mind muscle connection.

I try, but i can’t squeeze my back musles properly. It’s not the same like when i do biceps or chest. I don’t know what to do

So your training consists of bodyweight exercises of dips, pushups, pullups etc?

Yes i do dips, pushups and pullups. I can do 15 dips in one set, 30 pushups in one set, and 4-5 in one set

I do everything im the gym, deadlifts, squats literally everything

It is neither good nor bad - it just is.

You have plenty of room to grow without worrying about aminos. Get into good habits in your training amd nutrition… protip: asking about aminos ain’t one of them.

Thanks for the tips guys. Appreciate it