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Six Feet Under (spoiler)

What did everyone think of the season finale last night. WOW…what an ending. I dont know about you all, but I thought that this season was by far the best out of the three! A part that touched me personally was when David was talking to his dead father, and his father asked him about his relationship with Keith and he said people move on. To which David replied, “so that is all life is, people just replacing each other?”
David’s father…“more or less. Some people just do it faster than others.”

My jaw dropped when I heard him say that. My ex started dating someone a mere 2 weeks after we broke up. Here it is almost 5 months later, and I have yet to even talk to another girl. So so true what David’s father said. Some people, do indeed…replace other people faster than others

In any case, I thought it was a VERY powerful episode overall. Claire seeing/realizing Lisa was actually dead and then seeing her dead aborted child. Nate almost committing suicide and then showing up at Brenda’s house. Hmmmmm, can anyone say Nate + Brenda=wedding next season??? Im bummed now that this season is over…this is one of those shows that I just do not miss for anything and now I have nothing to look forward to Sunday nights. Oh well…more reading I guess. TOny G