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Situps Upside Down?

How do I make a device that will allow me to do situps upside down from doorway?


If you guys have ever seen the movie “the professional,” you will know what I am talking about. Where leon does them old school.

google door gyms and there you go it’s like 40 bucks and it’s pretty good. hope that’s helpful

The device is called Gravity Boots. Basically an ankle strap with inverted hooks on them. I have no information on crafting them myself, but being an instrument that you hang upside down from, it might be safer to purchase a reliable product for this. I reckon they’ll work on any pull-up bar, but personally, I hang upside-down from my knees bent over the top of the bar.

That said, most of my other training partners can’t handle the pain in the back of the upper calves from hanging upside-side down on them. I, luckily, do not experience this pain.