situps in 1min

What is the best way to train for my pt test. Basically I have to do 55-60 situps in a minute to get a perfect score. So far I have been doing situps/push ups at the end of my workouts for a min. and although I have made some progress I think there is a better way of going about it.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Hey Wil,

I’m assuming you’re talking about a military PT test. Damn only 55 to max you must be old;] just kidding. I can speak from experience though since I regularly maxed my PT test and started out with horrible PT scores. To really excel at the sit up portion you must build up the abductor/adductor muscles( the ones that run from the groin down the thighs) since the standard military sit-up taxes these way before the abdominals. Oh and so you don’t have to work them with the “coochie squeeze” machine at the gym, Flutter kicks are an excellent way to work em. You must really push yourself and do varying angles, timed sets, and superset these with regular situps. hope this helps


I am of the belief that if you want to get better at a certain movement you actually have to perform that movement! Especially when it comes to the performance of high reps. Your body has to learn how to become more efficient at that specific event.

I have performed max reps for almost every “free hand” exercise from Chin-ups to sit-ups and everything in between. Have done 70 sit-ups in one minute. 33 dead hang chins, (recently) 100 non-stop push-ups. Free squats etc. I know there are people out there who can do far more. I do not write this to brag, merely to point out that I know how you can get to your goal, as I live there!

I have found that the best way to nail your goal down is to warm up then perform three sets of a set percentage of your desired goal. Do this at the beginning of your training session. Give it your priority!

If you began about four weeks out you would train three times per week performing the exercise you are shooting for. Break it up into 12 training sessions. If your goal is to perform 60 situps, begin workout one by performing three sets of 42 (70% of your goal of 60 reps), sit-ups with enough rest in between the sets so that you perform the reps in the exact manner which you will be tested under, with no cheating!

Week two you move to 45 reps per set, which is 75% of your goal. Week three do 48 reps for three sets (80%). And finally week three perform three sets of 51 reps which constitues 85% of your desired goal of 60 sit-ups. If you want to test yourself on a one set max, I suggest that you do this midway through the program.

I would discourage doing more than the recommended amount. However, if you are a stud and feel that the above is to easy, add a 10lb-20lb weight vest, or put a plate on your chest, and do some negatives. Assist yourself up and comeback down slowly. 15 or so of these at the end of your three sets should do it. Again only perform the negatives if you are finding the schedule to easy.

If the above schedule seems difficult at first only perform two sets as described above. Add a third set when you feel you are able. As I pointed out do not push yourself between sets time wise. However, as you get closer to your 12th and final workout keep a close eye on the time. Rest as little as possible! Also make sure that all sets are completed well with in the time limit. Speed counts!

I always take a two day rest before the day of competition. This gives your body an opportunity to rest and recoup. Also, I always feel mentally ready to go with the rest under my belt.

One last thing. If your focus is performing 60 sit-ups in one minute then don’t worry about how much you are bench pressing. In fact, give your abs the priority they need. As you progress on the four week plan if you feel any extra fatigue cut back some of the other things you do in the gym.

Let me know if you are going to try this schedule! Feel free to PM me if you would like any further suggestions.

Best Of Luck To You!


hahaha. He said “coochie squeeze” machine. I can’t stop laughing.

why would they even test max situps in a minute?

Hey, you know any of the tricks to the APFT? Like bouncing your back off the ground on sit-ups?


I have seen some tests and competitions where you are aloud to bounce as you have suggested. I have seen others where you must come to a complete stop.

Envision yourself as a hydraulic machine pumping out rep after rep with the same form and consistency. Haha, I actually use this technique when lifting heavy. Bouncing your back on the floor is a good idea though - worked for me in my highschool fitness test. Just practicing the exercise is a good one too. Afterall you don’t get good at something by not doing it.

I think it always helped to have someone spotting me who would put all of their weight down on my feet. That way I could really use my legs as I got more tired. I always maxed the pushups and situps when I was in basic. That was a two minute test, though, so getting tired might not come into play so much for you.