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SitUps & Crunches Break My Tailbone


Does anyone else have this problem? Do sit ups and crunches for me is unbearable, as it grinds my tailbone into the floor.

What other ab-work can I do, which is as effective? I do bicycles and windmills right now...anything else?


IMO, just about anything is more effective than crunches and situps.

My preferences are weighted planks, roll-outs, and weighted leg extensions (lying or hanging).



Especially weighted/resistance exercises.
The only non-weighted core work I do are Garhammer raises, and believe me, they do the job.

Good luck.


Plank, Side plank, back blank. You are not allowed to do crunches till you can hold a plank for 5 minutes! Functional core all the way.

...I am joking you only have to hold the plank for 3 minutes and the side plank for 2 minutes. And then you can do leg raises, leg curls, rollouts, medicine ball explosive squats blah blah....


one arm work is another idea