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Sitting Too Much


This is an interesting article about the way Americans' lives have become more sedentary as well as the effects that even simple movements can have on one's overall health.

I've noticed since I left school and now have a job that involves A TON of sitting that I have gotten into worse shape, even though I'm still getting a fair amount of exercise. In particular I've noticed that my legs get tired after standing for shorter periods of time than I used to. Part of that is because I spend more time sitting outside of work, and I've started driving to the store and stuff, but I think that the chunk of time spent sitting at work is the biggest factor. I'm trying to determine ways to become more active at work.

My question is, how do you keep moving throughout the day? Do you have habits such as a quick malk around or something that you do to keep the blood flowing a little, maybe going on a run at lunchtime?

Also, on the average weeknight, how much time do you spend either at your computer or watching tv when you're outside of work?


When life gets stressful and I find I've been sitting too much, I trek out into the woods to my secret place and dance my troubles away...It keeps me nimble.


Take the dogs for a walk.

Accompany my wife on a mall shopping trip (dressing room fun).


I'm in the same boat. Sitting behind a desk/computer way too much during the day. Although I'm involved in production management, and get to cruise through a warehouse, I still feel like I sit more than I want. I actually bought a pedometer to track my steps every day. For me, it's not about dieting, more just a reminder that I need to get off my ass from time to time throughout the day, also helping me unwind and de-stress. I don't watch much T.V either, so after work and before, I'm usually pretty active outside walking the dog, fishing, working out, biking, etc etc.



I just get up and walk around inside the building at least once an hour then at lunch I try and go for a walk or work out or something to get me up and moving.


I think neural charge jump movements would be perfect to remedy this- two or three times a day even, if you would be able to do that in your work.


Get one of these:


Convert to working at a standing desk. I've been able to do this at every office I've worked in. Some desks are adjustable, but sometimes you have to be creative and build/create a platform for your computer and keyboard. You'll have to get used to standing for long periods, but I feel that I don't feel as tired after standing all day compared to sitting all day. Be prepared for curious questions from your co-workers. Most people are perfectly happy to sit all day and watch their rear ends get wider every year.


I guess lucky for me I'm on my feet all day at work. I do fail and sit to much on my days off though.


Anybody else notice how ID can work in how much he loves his wife, in a thread about sitting too much? Nice. :wink:

Lately, I've been TAddicted to TNation which is not helping with the sitting situation.

Seriously, I try not to sit down when I'm watching TV or whatever in the evenings. My family teases me about always moving. We started calling it Lalaning for Jack Lalane. That's when you stand up and mess with a medicine ball, or some DBs, or do sit-ups, or BW squats, or whatever while you're watching TV.


Haha! But it's true! I used to loathe going shopping with her because I'd be drained of boredom after 2 hours... until I learned that accompanying her into the dressing room (or at least standing right outside it) was such a thrill to see her in various sexy outfits and states of undress.


This is something I'm looking into right now. Why sit when you can stand?