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Sitting at 523 ng/dl at Day 14


hey guys:-)
Been on trt 250 mg every 14 day for 5 month.
Latest bloodwork showed i was sitting at 523 at day 14 (injection day)
That is okay isn't it?
Trying to convience doctor to 125 weekly...
Any guess how high i am in the first week?


Lab numbers aren't very helpful with your protocol. Are you taking anything else? How do you feel?


Yes but that's ok. But at two weeks that means your Are likely 2000+ post injection and then dropping causing possible roller coaster effects. Need labs and other protocol sups.


That is a 100% guess on your part. You have no idea what his levels are at any time except at the moment of the labs. That's why it's important to get on a protocol that allows for very steady levels.


Yup its a guess. That's why I said you need labs and clarified 'likely'. Back into the half life of the test and his levels at 523 day 14... you don't think so?