Sites to help food log

Found a really nice site for helping track food. On this site, you can find almost anything. You may then select the serving size and it lists information on the food. The lists information in the style of a “Nutrition Facts” label found on the back of cereal boxes, and then it proceeds to break down this list into lists of food energies, carbs, protein and amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, sterols, and others. At the bottom of the information page, the site also lists nutrient density and has an amino acid quality scale.

The address is

Does anyone know of any other sites like this? Alway looking for another way to make eating more of a chore. lol

free. easy. tracks diet, weight, exercise, your journal, and has a calendar for easy access. plus, you can share your stats with others if you want. it’s great!

Fnord11, GREAT SITE!!! Just what I was looking for. Thanks.
They all use the USDA foot database though. You can download the actual database if you want, it’s like 50 megs. I could probably send it to you if you want.

fnord11, that site rocks! I use to track macros now and then, but it has nothing like the amount of nutrition data this thing has. Thanks!

Hey this vampiric lifestyle (I love gyms that are open 24 hours) with endless web surfing is worth something… I’m glad I could help.