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Site specific?

I noticed that Bill mentioned that the topicals might have some site specific action. From what I understand, Andro/Nandro topical applications produce a ‘reservoir’ which is slowly absorbed and circulated systemically. Now, I know this is probably the most uninformed question you may have ever been asked, but if I don’t apply the topicals to say, my arms or back does this mean that they might experience less growth compared to sprayed areas?

I also wanted to ask about the opposite; i.e. gels/topicals that contain meds that are supposed to work locally to prevent systemic side effects. I can't see how some meds will work primarily in a site specific manner while others don't since they are both being absorbed through the skin in the same manner.

For what it’s worth, I don’t apply Androsol to the majority of my back and I’ve experienced significant growth there from my last two Androsol cycles. I’m not trying to imply that Bill’s theory is incorrect; I’m just making a personal observation. (I hope it’s proven to be correct, though, because then I’d definitely start bathing my arms in Androsol every morning and night. :slight_smile:

Since site injections, not containing any kind of site enhancement product, don’t do much for muscle growth topical products will therefore do even less. I think Brock had a site injection cycle in one of his Strasseroids, but still I don’t think its plausible…

To clear things up, I never said that androgens topically applied to the skin give site specific growth. Or for that matter that the androgens themselves applied topically (the word does not mean “to the surface,” but rather, “to a particular part of the body”) to a muscle by injection cause increased local growth. In fact I have said the androgens, if steroid esters, do not, since they are inactive in the ester form.

What I did say is that the vegetable oil if injected topically does cause some increase in muscle size that lasts a few months.

Dermal products intended to work topically, for example anti-inflammatories, can do so because they are concentrated in the area within the skin, but are diluted by the time they are carried by the bloodstream to the rest of the body.

As to the arguments and claims that a product
applied to the skin over a joint can actually work specifically within that joint, this is incomprehensible to me, so far as I know there has never been a journal article showing how this could possibly occur, and I suspect that the fact, and it is a fact, that it seems to work is more of an acupuncture, etc. type of thing. Not direct chemical drug action within the joint, because the drug can’t get there in any particularly high concentration from such application.

Bill, I think what he meant, and I could be wrong was when you were referring to applications on the clitoris having site specific action.

Oh. Well, the clitoris is, except maybe in some female bodybuilders, a small enough organ that topical application to the surface could be expected to result in higher levels of androgen within much of the clitors than elsewhere in the body. Actually, it might be true even with the enlarged clitorides (this, incidentally, is the correct plural of “clitoris”) of female bodybuilders, since it has been found to be true in the analogous case of treatment of men suffering from microphallus: and these men probably have penises of similar size.

I just thought I would share that with you.

You mean I can’t soak my arms every evening and get hyooge?! Now what am I going with this big bucket of Androsol I just bought under Tim’s new “5 gallons for 3” special?