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Site specific Hypertrophy

I am sure most of us want certain muscles to be larger than others. The reason most guys always seem like their working out chest and bis while the ladies are always hogging the leg machines.

My question is what would be the best way to manipulate your diet or training to maintain balance and not neglect any muscle groups but to target hypertrophy in specific ones. For example if one wants a bigger chest then do 6 to 12 reps per exercise and eat a surplus of calories and protein on that training day and the following as well.

As while working back or legs lets say then modify our training to either improve our strength via lower reps and more weight or endurance by lighter weight and more reps (maybe alternate between the two). Then adjust diet for the following 2 days to maintenance level of calories and protein.

Would it make sense to adjust both training and diet or would just one be sufficient?

Bump. Anyone care to comment or not worth it?

Well, I think you should do a search and read back through Ian King’s articles on prioritization.

Basically what you want to do if you’re out to improve development of a certain muscle group relative to others is prioritize that muscle group. You can do this through volume or position within the workout, or both.

Basically drop your other muscle groups back to a maintanence volume (between 5-8 relatively heavy sets per week). You then want to ensure that the prioritized body parts have a higher volume (say 8-15 sets per week) at more of a hypertrophy rep range (6-15 depending on your body).

You also want to ensure that the prioritized body parts are first in the workout order regardless of where you would normally put them.

Now this is a gross oversimplification of a number of articles written by King, however it should give you a basic understanding of the concept. I would really suggest reading back through his articles to get all the info before you start with this.

ps. I wouldn’t manipulate my food to hold a muscle group back, ensure that your nutrition is adequate for all of them and manipulate through training.

I’ve followed those rules for my shoulders to bring them up for the past maybe two months and its worked great.

I also subscribe to king’s belief that after you become more of an intermediate or advanced trainee, its a good idea to always be prioritizing something, because your overall growth will be somewhat limited.