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Site Rotation for Large Doses

So right now im injecting ~3 ml a day depending on the day (Test E twice a week so more on Monday/Thursday).

Now this is not that high of a volume and have been rotating sites but has anyone found that its better to inject smaller amounts (1-1.5 ml) in the muscles more often instead of doing the usual right ventro, right quad, delt, pec, left ventro, etc. ?

I would rather poke 2 times instead of 3. I find its better on a monday morning wensday afternoon,friday night. The main thing is just
keeping the levels steady not up and down.

I pin everyday. I have No idea what you’re trying to say

F that.


This was a lot of help.

Pls elaborate on pec injections. Ty

Your asking a preference question. You know what you are doing.You also know enanthate is a 7 day inject so it is prescribed 2 times weekly to keep the lvls high not to spike and drop.
Enanthate you asked about, 3 ml is to much for some. Takes to long for the oil to dissipate. So 3 is better for some. Preference.
I pin everyday too, but 30 ga, with 1cc is not the same as 23ga 1.5 filled.
Pec inject is exactly what it sound like. I only do it with tren, sames size pin. Just a different location really. Unless you are doing synthol.

OK I might have not articulated that correctly. Right now I’m doing the usual one day inject glute, next right thigh, left thigh, left glute, etc.

Has anyone ever done where you pin every site more frequently (I’m pinning ED regardless) but spread out the amount of oil so each site is getting injected more often but it’s always a small amount.

So day 1: 1 cc in left delt, 1 cc in right delt, 1 cc in left pec.
Day 2: 1 cc in each leg and 1 cc in right pec
Day 3: glute