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Site Performance: Two Thumbs UP


Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Matt and everyone else working behind the scenes here at T-Nation for the solid work they`ve done lately. Forums are MUCH zippier, everything just seems to be quicker other than the occasional post that still takes forever to show up.

Good work guys (and gals?). Good work.


Agreed, much better.


Testing the post speed with this post.


Still a little perturbed that I am still level 0 after many many purchase from Biotest. The system has been under maintenance for almost a year.


Same. But other than that, the site has improved tremendously over the past several years.




The site has improved over last week, but it's basically a functioning site now. Which should be expected :shrug:


do we get cookies for being a higher level? does it matter?


Yes, if I am to give a review to a fellow member of a product, I would like to at least look like I have bought a product from Biotest.


+1 good to see the guys getting some positive recognition when things are going good!


uhh, testing post count ability with THIS post?

honestly rhino, i expected better out of you.

the site is a lot better though. whoo hoo


Told you guys just to wait and see. Sheesh.

Question is what does Push have to say about it.


Everyone said the site was running better so I was seeing how long it took to post my messaage after hitting submit. Still took awhile for me..Doesnt seem any faster than it did before. =(


not count HolyMac, SPPEEEDDD. Takes my posts a good 2 minutes to go through after pushing submit.


Now my posts arent even showing up...


all posts have to pass moderation first before they'll show up.