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Site Injections

I’m looking for the injection protocol for site injecting. Specifically, I’m looking to do the biceps and triceps using Tren.

I want to hit Tren everyday, but I’m saving the big muscles (thighs and glutes) for bigger injection volumes (ie. When the injection calls for Tren and Sus on the same day). Delts are already in the rotation (1cc only).

Would I do a full cc in these smaller muscles? Is Tren fast acting enough to use for site inj? Is a 1" pin too long?

And yes, aspirating would be done of course. Thanks in advance.

I do my biceps and triceps usually once a week. I put a full cc in each. I load up a mix of tren, cyp, and eq, and just (3cc total) then split of the injection sites. I use a 25g 5/8 long. I try to go as slow as possible and then massage the area for a while. Also make sure you keep the first one a few days away from bicep training day, just to see how your arm feels.

jt is right, use a 5/8 pin and you will be fine. i do these site also and like them. dont forget, you have two heads on your bi. i like rotating both of them on each arm. it just helps in keeping the bi’s fresh. 1cc is fine for all sites, i push it to 1 1/2cc’s when necessary. the tri has multiple heads as well but i can usually only reach the outter comfortably.

am i the only one that has a hard time hitting my left glute? simply because i cant do shit with my left hand. well, besides the two fisted jerk of course.

I hear ya Dog. I’m not co-ordinated with my left hand either. Trying to aspirate can be a real pain in the ass… errr, no pun intended.

Giving myself injects in either cheek just plain suck. Sometimes I get a cramp that runs down my side when I reach back there and I just kind of freeze up until I can stretch it out. Pin sitting there like a needle in a pin cushion hanging out my ass…

Is everybody familiar with the ventrogluteal site?


Nope, you need to elaborate a little more on this Prisoner. I got lost on the last one when you posted it. The way it is making it look like is you stab your fricking hip socket sideways. I see the picture and all but maybe I just a retard here or something.

Would that be the bit of glute just down from your iliac crest?

hears another diagram:

and another:

O.K here’s the write up straight from one of my text books:

The ventrogluteal site is the primary site for individuals over seven months old because there are no large nerves or blood vessels in the area. In addition, the ventrogluteal area is usually less fatty than the buttocks, meaning that more medication is administered directly to the muscle.
When the ventrogluteal site is used, the injection is made into the gluteus minimus and the gluteus medius muscles. The site is situated in a triangle within three palpable bony landmarks: the iliac crest, the anterior superior iliac crest and the greater trochanter of the femur.
THe site may be located by placing the palm of the hand on the lateral part of the greater trochanter with the index finger on the anterior superior iliac spine. Then the middle fingers are stretched dorsally as far along the iliac crest as possible. An alternative method of locating the ventrogluteal sit has been developed by Rhoda Brooke through her nursing experiences with adults and chilrdren. Whith this method it is not necessary to lay the nurs’s hands on th body. Rather, the individual’s anatomy is relied on more specifically. In Brooke’s method, an imaginary line is drawn from the top of the iliac crest down to the trocanter. Then another line, parallel to the waistline is drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine (hip bone) to join the first line. The point of intersection is the ventrogluteal site. It is important to palpte the injection site; it should feel soft and fleshy. If it feels hard, the site is likely too close to the bone and will have to be adjusted accordingly.
An injection may be given into the ventogluteal site with the patient in a prone, supine or side-lying position. (Dugas et al., 1999, p.1153)

This is how I locate my site: I do the injection standing up in front of my mirror. I turn to the side so I can visulize the site in the mirror as well. I then find the greater trochanter (this is the top of your femur that inserts into the hip - you can find it easily by feeling around as you lift your leg up and down a bit). Once you’ve located that, just find the front of your pelvis on that side and follow the ridge (iliac crest) to the back. you can use your hand to guide imaginary lines that go from the two ends of the pelvis to the greater trochanter - an upside down triangle. Once you have an imaginary triangle traced find the middle. Push down in the area to ensure it is soft and not bony. If it is soft you can inject, so swab the area with alchohol, prepare your needle - I have used as small as insulin needles (I’m lean) to as large as 22 gauge and as long as 1" 1/2.
According to my drug guide you can inject as much as 5 CC at ONE TIME! in this site!

Once you guys try this site you will never want to go back to doing the dorsogluteal muscle - trust me! besides the quads, once you get your landmarking down it is the easiest site to access, and the safest, and best of all it doesn’t affect any major muscles involved in walking, doing legs e.t.c.

Thanks for all the information. OHH and by the way, THAT HAD BETTER BE A WOMANS ASS IN THAT PICTURE! It looks pretty damn good if you know what I mean.

Yeah. I just want to spank it!

Could you then alternate this with the normal dorsal glute injections? Or is this too close for comfort?

Creed, Yes you could. But I don’t, in fact I have never used rear glutes, just because they are hard to get at, it causes more pain in movement after, and it is a more risky injection because of the close proximitry of the sciatic nerve.

These are the sites I use: Ventro gluteal, Vastas Lateralis (quads), Delts, bicepts.

am i the only one that is scared shitless to try this site for the first time?

NOPE! Like I said, it looks like you stab yourself right in the hip socket, not cool. I guess this is like being a steroid virgin all over again.

I have drawn a diagram. Look at the red shaded areas. This is the injection site. As you can see the slope of the pelvis creats a dead space between the ileum and the greater trochanter of the femur - the part of the leg bone that sticks out a little and is situated at the ‘hip socket’. YOU WILL NOT BE INJECTING INTO YOUR ‘HIP SOCKET’!

All you need to do is locate on yourself the ileum, the iliac crest - which is further back along the side of the pelvis and the greater trochanter. draw an upside down triangle between the three points and the middle area is your injection site. Poke it with your finger to ensure it is soft. If soft you have found the site.

I want to see who is going to be the first to try this one. trust me! you will love this site!

here is the diagram:

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