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Site Injection

First, allow me to Apologize if this may have been posted prior…

I am 34yrs old and a result of years of interesting medical adventures.
Besides that, I am, and have been, a Fitness and Bodybuilding fan/fanatic.

Due to some of my med issues, I have been on ‘Depo Test’ injections on a 14-day rotation.

Consensus Advice says to always inject into your Glutes or Hams or “other thicker” muscles…

But, to avoid turning my Bottom End into Swiss Cheese (proverbially), I inject in a different location each time- Pec, Tricep, Glute, Ham, Quad, Lat…

Today, I felt a little More of a Pressure Poke when I injected into my Tricep-- and about a “pea-sized” drop of blood appeared upon withdrawal of the needle…then a small Swelling about the size of a Quarter appeared for about 10 min…

No Nausea, no Sweats, nothing seemingly related to heart issues…

My Question is: How common is a Vein Puncture mistake with Injections?
…And, what are possible Complications or Worries associated with it…?


what size needle are using?

Firstly, injecting every 14 days is a horrible schedule. I don’t care what the product literature says, more frequency is better for maintaining constant levels. Common sense. You are subjecting your system to huge peaks and valleys and you might be better off not doing it at all. Twice a week is a sensible schedule with Test-Cypionate or Enanthate. Some do more often.

You really don’t need that many sites.If it makes you feel better, go ahead. But most guys rotate between 2-4 sites without issue. Just don’t shoot into the same spot week after week.

It’s not all that unusual to puncture a vein when injecting, I’ve done it twice (you’ll have a steady trickle rather than a drop of blood). But to actually inject into a vein is exceedingly rare unless you’re trying to. The lumen of a vein is a very small target, especially when the needle is going perpendicular to it. You’re just far more likely to go all the way through and into muscle. I still advise aspirating as a precaution, but that said I’ve worked in healthcare and knew several competent and experienced nurses who did not aspirate.

Even if you do manage to shoot a vein, not a big deal. The worst likely consequence is you’ve wasted a dose, since your body will metabolize it very quickly. 1cc of oil in venous circulation is not enough to do real damage, your system can handle it.