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Site For Organic Molecules

Probably a real stupid question

Hi everyone, I don’t know anything about steroids but I noticed something. There is an internet site where you can buy any organic molecule, you have their boiling point, melting point, etc. I had to search down this site for an school homework.

So I realised they had molecule such as L-Leucine and Testosterone and that you could contact them to get some. I don’t know if they sell to individual. Knowing this stuff is illegal I found it weird to have a legit site like that sell it.

there is the link to the site

From taking a look, this is one of those Web ventures where someone gets the idea that they might be able to make commissions by referring sales, or by becoming a site that developed some traffic because a number of sellers list their products on it and a number of potential buyers find those sellers in that manner.

They do not themselves sell anything.

As for actual chemical companies, for example Sigma-Aldrich, many do sell things such as testosterone but only upon the buyer having proof of having the necessary DEA clearance, and most do not sell to individuals at all but only to established businesses who have provided suitable documentation towards that fact.

Some smaller legally-operating companies do sell various things to individuals, but not controlled substances without the necessary clearance.

clear enough.

I work in a synthetic organic chemistry lab at my University and regularly order products from Sigma Aldrich. You can only order from suppliers such as these with a license. In addition, you wouldn’t want to buy testosterone or testosterone derivatives from sites like these since they are usually research grade and thus more expensive.